Squares of Numbers and its Properties

Square of numbers

Squares of Numbers Squares: When a number is multiplied by itself, then we get the square of a number. Example: Square of 6 = 6× 6= 6²= 36 Squares of Numbers can be calculated easily by knowing the square of some digits. So we have mentioned square of some digits below. Square …

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Prime Factorization and Expressing a Composite Number

Prime factorization

Prime Factorization: Hey, Aptitude Learner, are you searching for Prime Factorization and shortcut approach of Number System? Here is the post related to your requirements. Prime Factorization It is a process of representing a given number as a product of two or more prime numbers. Each prime number which is …

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Face, Place, Greatest Integral Value and Roman numbers

roman numbers

Welcome back dear Learner to the fresh post. In our previous post of Number System, we discussed the divisibility rule. Now in this post, we will discuss some basic important formula and properties of Number System along with face value, place value, greatest integral value and Roman numbers. Face Value …

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Divisibility Rule For SSC, banking, RRB Examination

divisibility rule

Welcome Back to another new topic of the Number system’s divisibility rule. In our previous post, we discussed Number System- Real and Imaginary Number, Integers, Even and Odd Numbers. In this post, we will discuss all the divisibility rule of Mathematics, which will help you in competitive examinations like SSC, …

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Rational Numbers

rational numbers

Rational Numbers A rational numbers  are the numbers that can be expressed as a fraction (p/q) where p and q are integers and q≠0. The term ‘rational’ comes from the word ratio because the rational numbers are ones that can be written in the format of ratio. For example , …

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